About Polarized

How Polarized Lenses Work?

A polarized lens is a true optical filter which have vertically parallel oriented axis aligned together that only allows the useful light traveling from the object viewed to reach the eye, while blocking all glare caused by horizontal surface (such as water, sand, snow, road surface and windscreen) and scattered lights traveling in many different random direction.
Colors are seeing more vividly and in true nature proportion, due to glare which being eliminates. This reduces strain and fatigue to our eyes.

User of such Lenses

    • Boater and Fisherman
    • Mountaineers, Skiers, Bikers and Sportsmen
    • Driver and Motorist
    • Light-sensitive people such as post-cataract surgery patients
    • People looking for fashionable wear

Benefits of IDEAL TAC Polarized Lenses

IDEAL TAC Polarized Lenses are made with Triacetate Cellulose material with High-performance hard coating, which have a much scratch-resistant surface:

    • Block all UVA, UVB and UVC harmful light emission
    • Stable in hot, cold and humid weather condition
    • Good lamination quality
    • Superior rigidity, without deformed or warped
    • Anti-fog performance