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  • Funk Speed Unfold
  • Work Eyewear
  • Mogin Glasses
  • Blue Captor
Funk Speed Unfold

Funk sunglasses are made durable to last longer - constructed with tr90 material including anti - reflective hydrophobic lenses, and lightweight to ensure easy unfold.

Quality Hinges: Our unique hinges allow the glasses to simply spring open easily and to ensure long life span.

Hydrophobic + Scratch Resistant Lenses : Made with hydrophobic lenses to repel water and dust easily to ensure full clarity vision.

Extreme Testing: Funk glasses spring system are tested for maximum lasting and to withstand all sorts of environment.

Work Eyewear

Work Eyewear sunglasses frame and other parts is constructed using stainless steel that is so light that the users didn’t even feel the weight when wearing it and it is easy to carry around too.

The Work Eyewear sunglasses are constructed using latest technologies that require no screw to put in place the lenses.

Work Eyewear is fixed with 100% polarized lenses with high level of protected coating that are compliance with UVA/UVB/UVC protection, not easily deformed and warped, stable in hot and cold weather condition and anti-glare properties.

Mogin Glasses

Mogin Sunglasses move on to more trend-driven styles, from Kardashian-esque ski-inspired sunglasses to angular cat-eye shades. Since we're big believers in that there's no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses, we found the best new shades to shield your face for summer.

Blue Captor

Absorbance Anti Blue Light Lens

Better than Coating Refective Lens, not prone to reflection & glare.

99.9% UV protection & blocked nearly 50% of high energy harmful blue light

3C technology products nowadays are so popular that almost everyone’s commuting in public transport such as buses, strolling under the sub way, in trains and other modes of transport are seen sliding down on their communication gadgets screen from time to time, playing games, watching movies etc. But do you know that from medical studies, it show that cell phones, tablets, computers and other 3C gadgets will generate a lot of blue light (400~500nm), and the imbalance of these light that passed through our eyes will aggravate damages to the eyes invisibly without us knowing.

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